You’re wasting more time than you think!

Who doesn’t like money, right? Money is great, and as the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned… or so we thought until the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics took a look at exactly how much time goes into saving pennies.

Men spend an average of 1.7 hours on household activities each day, presumably because they don’t think they can afford to pay someone else to do them. Women spend a whopping 2.7 hours per day on chores and errands. This is almost 20 hours per week! That is like taking on a part-time job – except you aren’t really making money – you’re saving it, which we all know is NOT the same thing.

I promise you that you do not need to be spending this much time on cleaning and errands. If you really want to save some money, these are the prices we offer on some common services.

  • Weekly surface cleaning (average-sized house) – $50/week.
  • Typical errand run (less than half an hour away) – $20.
  • Dog walk – $20.

Don’t believe it’s worth it?

Enter your name and email into the form below to enter to win our Saturday-Off Package! One of our students will take care of all of your laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping needs on any Saturday (up to $160 in value). The winner will be announced on Sunday June 10, 2018 at 5:00pm! Offer can only be redeemed in Mecklenburg County, NC.

7 Signs Your Dog Needs More Exercise

Exercising your dog is extremely important for their well-being. Below is a list of some common signs that your dog may not be getting enough exercise. If you feel that you don’t have the time to meet the exercise requirements of your dog, check out Guap’s dog walking service!

1. Pulling at the Leash


Even if you don’t own a large dog, you should be careful to keep your dog from pulling at the leash. It can be a sign of pent up energy due to lack of exercise, not just poor behavior.

2. Destructive Behavior


Save yourself (and your belongings) some stress by making sure your active dog gets the exercise they need, which should help prevent destructive behavior.

3. Restlessness


Another clear sign of pent up energy is restlessness. If your dog will not stop running/moving around inside, it’s a sign that they could use some more exercise.

4. Excessive Barking


Yes, some breeds are known for barking more than others, but know that a restless dog will likely bark more than a dog that is properly exercised.

5. Rough Play


Okay, so this is not exactly a gif of rough play, but come on, it’s cute. You get the point.

6. Sluggishness


If your dog goes long enough without exercise, they may become tired and sluggish. Often, this sign will show up with obesity.

7. Obesity


As cute and funny as chubby dogs are, remember that obesity is unhealthy, and a possible cause of obesity could be lack of exercise.

In the end…

In the end, every breed and every dog is different, so I would recommend consulting your vet to make sure your best friend is getting enough exercise! There is also helpful breed information here. Once again, if you need a little help getting your dog the exercise they need, we offer a dog walking service that you can book through the site!


– CJ from Guap

Keep Your Move in Check (12 Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind)

People will always tell you the “best” way to do things, especially when it comes to moving. Your family may have moved houses one or two times, but how much do Aunt Sally and Uncle Jeff really know about moving and what you need? We’ve compiled a short list of tips and tricks that our moving experts agree alleviate the most stress and reduce the amount of “hustle and bustle” on your end.

  1. Make sure to pack a separate box that has all of your tools, hardware, keys, and anything else you need immediately after arriving at your new home.
  2. Pack a bag for your first night in. You may not get to unpacking everything the first day, so at least make sure you have all your toiletries and necessities ready to go for bed!
  3. As soon as you have the keys to your new home, make some copies! Moving is a busy time and it is very easy to leave your keys locked in your new home, car, or moving truck.
  4. Once you’ve settled in and moved everything inside the home, get those locks changed! You don’t know who could have a copy of that key, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  5. Edging on the side of caution – start fresh with new batteries in all of your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other vital emergency home features; it may just save your life!
  6. Let your friends, family, and relatives know about your new contact information, especially your new address!
  7. Clean those hard to reach places that cleaning crews may have overlooked! Refrigerator coils, HVAC vents, dryer vents, lint traps, under the oven, in the cabinets and drawers, etc. *A personal trick is to change all of the toilet seats to detachable ones for easier cleaning in and around the hinges!
  8. Replace any furnace, vent, or dryer filters that are very dirty or dusty! These aren’t just hazardous, but this tip can save you some money in energy costs down the road!
  9. Don’t make any drastic decisions until you’ve lived in your new home for a substantial amount of time! Painting the walls, taking out flooring, and doing any renovations may be easy when all of your belongings aren’t throughout the house, but what’s even worse is having to do it all twice. Yellow may not be the prettiest color for a room but give it a chance and if you can’t deal with it in a few months, at least you’ll be certain it needs to be changed!
  10. Set deadlines for yourself, and stick to them! Getting your house unpacked and organized timely is important for your mental health and keeping your stress at bay!
  11. Make sure you know when your trash pick-ups are (if the town offers this service), when the kid’s bus comes, and learn the traffic patterns of your new neighborhood! Keeping a mental, or written, reminder of all these things will help to reduce confusion, frustration, and stress!
  12. Last but not least, get to know your neighbors! Having a small house warming party or just taking your pup for a walk around the block can really make any neighborhood feel much more welcoming! *Dogs escaping within the first few weeks of being in a new home isn’t a rare occurrence and it helps when your neighbors know who they belong to!

Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email about anything we may have missed and what we should write about next!

Should you pack yourself? (Will Ferrell)

Professional packing – to be frank – can be expensive. It is estimated that packing time will  approximately double loading time. If you factor in the time to unload and assume you are being charged by the hour by your mover, packing can effectively double the cost of your move.


I can tell that some of you reading this have already decided that you will NOT be hiring a moving service to pack up your things given that it would double your bill. You can do it yourself, anyways. Right?


I would just suggest that you proceed with caution. Packing up a home without professional help can take anywhere from 2-7 days if you only have a few hours to spare per day.


Great Odin’s Raven, indeed. If you are packing yourself, I would highly recommend adhering to the following guidelines.

  1. Factor in extra time to pack up storage spaces like garages and attics.
  2. Make a master list of supplies needed for packing. Or refer to this list.
  3. Label the boxes that you will need to unpack first, and have them loaded into the truck last.
  4. Get the bulk of your packing done with time to spare – you do not want to be left scrambling the night before the move.
  5. Plan your packing schedule by room. Make estimates for how long each will take and adjust as you go.

Remember, if you pack yourself, the movers are not responsible for damages that occur to the contents of the boxes, assuming the boxes themselves remain undamaged.

As always if you are looking for a reliable and affordable moving/packing service, feel free to get a quote from us at Guap, with prices starting at $13.50/hour per mover!


-CJ from Guap

Guap Kickback

We have all heard the horror stories.

A moving company takes longer than expected to finish the job, and they DEMAND more money from you, their valued customer. I say demand because the moving company refuses to deliver your belongings until you cut them a check for the extra hours they had to put in.

It’s not fair you say. Why should I be forced to pay more than the agreed upon price because they did not deliver on their end of the dealAre we supposed to pay for all of those smoke breaks the movers were taking while they were on the clock? 

Yes, in fact, most movers will make you pay extra for their poor planning.

We at Guap did our research. We have personally interviewed dozens of homeowners and real estate agents, and we have created a solution to this problem. We will NEVER charge more than the quoted price, and if we finish the job early, we kick back our saved labor costs to you.

That’s right, we will not charge you for work that we don’t do.

Contact us at (203) 521-5026 or to get a quote from the honest, fully-insured moving service.

March Madness

We at Guap are getting in the spirit of March Madness.


No, we aren’t playing basketball. No, we haven’t made our brackets yet. We will be GIVING AWAY our moving services at cost for the remainder of March Madness. That’s right, any move over the next two and a half weeks will only cost $13.50 per hour per mover plus our fee for the moving truck.


Now put your shirt back on, pick up the phone, and give us a call at (203) 521-5026 (or email us at

Guap Helps Relieve Stress!

Balancing your life the way it is now is hard enough! Now on top of that, imagine you decide to move into a beautiful new home, only adding to your stress! Guap helps to make sure that you can keep your healthy balance of work, family, social life, and of course, finances! (if you don’t have a balanced life, don’t worry about it we won’t judge). Whether you’re a seasoned mover, or a young professional moving into your first apartment, Guap works to get you the best price and the most reliable moving experience available!

Our moving managers are trained and informed on everything you could need help with while moving whether it’s a babysitter, to a pest control agent! By sitting down one-on-one with you and your loved ones, we can create a tailored “plan of action” together that helps to mitigate any potential roadblocks that come up while you’re going through the process of finding your new dream home (or apartment)! We work tirelessly to make sure that your move is as least stressful as possible and goes as smoothly as you could wish for!

Contact us anytime of day, by phone or email, to schedule a meeting with one of our trained managers or to inquire about any questions you may have!

North Carolina Moving Valuation

The first thing to know about moving insurance in North Carolina is that it is called a valuation: essentially there are two ways your cargo can be valued while it is on the move.


First, there is basic value protection, which means that your mover is required to pay you $0.60 per pound of any lost or broken items. For example, if your movers break a $250 television that weighs 20 pounds, they will owe you $12. This plan is free.

You can also pay for full value protection, which protects the full value of your belongings up to a certain liability level ($4 for every pound of cargo). In the same scenario, assume the whole shipment weighs 5,000 pounds. The mover assumes 4 * 5,000 = $20,000 of liability. This plan costs you $0.75 for every $100 of liability. In this scenario, the plan would cost $150.


Unless specified beforehand, full value protection does not apply to items valued at over $100 per pound. These items are called high value items, and if you want them covered, you need to specify that before the move.


These rules only apply to moves within the state of North Carolina. If you have any questions about moving valuations or the rest of the moving process, feel free to reach out to us at or comment below!