7 Signs Your Dog Needs More Exercise

Exercising your dog is extremely important for their well-being. Below is a list of some common signs that your dog may not be getting enough exercise. If you feel that you don’t have the time to meet the exercise requirements of your dog, check out Guap’s dog walking service!

1. Pulling at the Leash


Even if you don’t own a large dog, you should be careful to keep your dog from pulling at the leash. It can be a sign of pent up energy due to lack of exercise, not just poor behavior.

2. Destructive Behavior


Save yourself (and your belongings) some stress by making sure your active dog gets the exercise they need, which should help prevent destructive behavior.

3. Restlessness


Another clear sign of pent up energy is restlessness. If your dog will not stop running/moving around inside, it’s a sign that they could use some more exercise.

4. Excessive Barking


Yes, some breeds are known for barking more than others, but know that a restless dog will likely bark more than a dog that is properly exercised.

5. Rough Play


Okay, so this is not exactly a gif of rough play, but come on, it’s cute. You get the point.

6. Sluggishness


If your dog goes long enough without exercise, they may become tired and sluggish. Often, this sign will show up with obesity.

7. Obesity


As cute and funny as chubby dogs are, remember that obesity is unhealthy, and a possible cause of obesity could be lack of exercise.

In the end…

In the end, every breed and every dog is different, so I would recommend consulting your vet to make sure your best friend is getting enough exercise! There is also helpful breed information here. Once again, if you need a little help getting your dog the exercise they need, we offer a dog walking service that you can book through the site!


– CJ from Guap

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