Keep Your Move in Check (12 Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind)

People will always tell you the “best” way to do things, especially when it comes to moving. Your family may have moved houses one or two times, but how much do Aunt Sally and Uncle Jeff really know about moving and what you need? We’ve compiled a short list of tips and tricks that our moving experts agree alleviate the most stress and reduce the amount of “hustle and bustle” on your end.

  1. Make sure to pack a separate box that has all of your tools, hardware, keys, and anything else you need immediately after arriving at your new home.
  2. Pack a bag for your first night in. You may not get to unpacking everything the first day, so at least make sure you have all your toiletries and necessities ready to go for bed!
  3. As soon as you have the keys to your new home, make some copies! Moving is a busy time and it is very easy to leave your keys locked in your new home, car, or moving truck.
  4. Once you’ve settled in and moved everything inside the home, get those locks changed! You don’t know who could have a copy of that key, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  5. Edging on the side of caution – start fresh with new batteries in all of your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other vital emergency home features; it may just save your life!
  6. Let your friends, family, and relatives know about your new contact information, especially your new address!
  7. Clean those hard to reach places that cleaning crews may have overlooked! Refrigerator coils, HVAC vents, dryer vents, lint traps, under the oven, in the cabinets and drawers, etc. *A personal trick is to change all of the toilet seats to detachable ones for easier cleaning in and around the hinges!
  8. Replace any furnace, vent, or dryer filters that are very dirty or dusty! These aren’t just hazardous, but this tip can save you some money in energy costs down the road!
  9. Don’t make any drastic decisions until you’ve lived in your new home for a substantial amount of time! Painting the walls, taking out flooring, and doing any renovations may be easy when all of your belongings aren’t throughout the house, but what’s even worse is having to do it all twice. Yellow may not be the prettiest color for a room but give it a chance and if you can’t deal with it in a few months, at least you’ll be certain it needs to be changed!
  10. Set deadlines for yourself, and stick to them! Getting your house unpacked and organized timely is important for your mental health and keeping your stress at bay!
  11. Make sure you know when your trash pick-ups are (if the town offers this service), when the kid’s bus comes, and learn the traffic patterns of your new neighborhood! Keeping a mental, or written, reminder of all these things will help to reduce confusion, frustration, and stress!
  12. Last but not least, get to know your neighbors! Having a small house warming party or just taking your pup for a walk around the block can really make any neighborhood feel much more welcoming! *Dogs escaping within the first few weeks of being in a new home isn’t a rare occurrence and it helps when your neighbors know who they belong to!

Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email about anything we may have missed and what we should write about next!

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