Should you pack yourself? (Will Ferrell)

Professional packing – to be frank – can be expensive. It is estimated that packing time will  approximately double loading time. If you factor in the time to unload and assume you are being charged by the hour by your mover, packing can effectively double the cost of your move.


I can tell that some of you reading this have already decided that you will NOT be hiring a moving service to pack up your things given that it would double your bill. You can do it yourself, anyways. Right?


I would just suggest that you proceed with caution. Packing up a home without professional help can take anywhere from 2-7 days if you only have a few hours to spare per day.


Great Odin’s Raven, indeed. If you are packing yourself, I would highly recommend adhering to the following guidelines.

  1. Factor in extra time to pack up storage spaces like garages and attics.
  2. Make a master list of supplies needed for packing. Or refer to this list.
  3. Label the boxes that you will need to unpack first, and have them loaded into the truck last.
  4. Get the bulk of your packing done with time to spare – you do not want to be left scrambling the night before the move.
  5. Plan your packing schedule by room. Make estimates for how long each will take and adjust as you go.

Remember, if you pack yourself, the movers are not responsible for damages that occur to the contents of the boxes, assuming the boxes themselves remain undamaged.

As always if you are looking for a reliable and affordable moving/packing service, feel free to get a quote from us at Guap, with prices starting at $13.50/hour per mover!


-CJ from Guap

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