Guap Kickback

We have all heard the horror stories.

A moving company takes longer than expected to finish the job, and they DEMAND more money from you, their valued customer. I say demand because the moving company refuses to deliver your belongings until you cut them a check for the extra hours they had to put in.

It’s not fair you say. Why should I be forced to pay more than the agreed upon price because they did not deliver on their end of the dealAre we supposed to pay for all of those smoke breaks the movers were taking while they were on the clock? 

Yes, in fact, most movers will make you pay extra for their poor planning.

We at Guap did our research. We have personally interviewed dozens of homeowners and real estate agents, and we have created a solution to this problem. We will NEVER charge more than the quoted price, and if we finish the job early, we kick back our saved labor costs to you.

That’s right, we will not charge you for work that we don’t do.

Contact us at (203) 521-5026 or to get a quote from the honest, fully-insured moving service.

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