North Carolina Moving Valuation

The first thing to know about moving insurance in North Carolina is that it is called a valuation: essentially there are two ways your cargo can be valued while it is on the move.


First, there is basic value protection, which means that your mover is required to pay you $0.60 per pound of any lost or broken items. For example, if your movers break a $250 television that weighs 20 pounds, they will owe you $12. This plan is free.

You can also pay for full value protection, which protects the full value of your belongings up to a certain liability level ($4 for every pound of cargo). In the same scenario, assume the whole shipment weighs 5,000 pounds. The mover assumes 4 * 5,000 = $20,000 of liability. This plan costs you $0.75 for every $100 of liability. In this scenario, the plan would cost $150.


Unless specified beforehand, full value protection does not apply to items valued at over $100 per pound. These items are called high value items, and if you want them covered, you need to specify that before the move.


These rules only apply to moves within the state of North Carolina. If you have any questions about moving valuations or the rest of the moving process, feel free to reach out to us at or comment below!

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